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June 12, 2019

Welcome To Warrior Endurance

« We are one » (« Nous ne sommes qu’un ») n’est pas seulement un slogan corporatif. Il s’agit du nucleus philosophique duquel a surgi une des premières – sinon LA première – organisations productrices d’événements d’endurance et de renforcement d’équipe au Canada: Warrior Endurance.

As Canadian as maple taffy, but 100 times tougher, Warrior Endurance promises to bring fulfilling, high-quality events to the East Coast first… and then spread its sometimes painful – but always energizing – lessons Coast to Coast within 5 years.

Humility. Unity. Growth.

Whether our participants are individuals seeking a new Life purpose or a group of co-workers wishing to improve their team effectiveness, all will experience physical and mental challenges designed to stimulate 3 core values: humility, unity and growth.

In a modern society where the M.O. is the worship of comfort and the encouragement of lament, I believe – humbly – that W.E. will bring an enriching philosophical counterpart and a relevant vector for fundamental human development.
Sensei Pascal Déry - Creator of Warrior Endurance

What is an endurance event or adventure race ?

Heavy lifts, complex puzzles under duress, quirky physical exercises, natural obstacles to overcome: just a few examples of the tasks you and your cohort will have to accomplish during an event like ours. To be successful, your ability to work cohesively is essential. Teamwork is the key.

Build better human beings
Participating in our events will motivate the following benefits:
  • Accelerated problem solving skills
  • Increased productivity and teamwork skills
  • Deeper self-knowledge
  • Increased leadership abilities 
  • Improved stress management

In short, Warrior Endurance assures you of two things: we will push you beyond your limits and you will become stronger.

A team of experienced coordinators

High-quality experiences require high-level production. This is another Warrior Endurance promise: to put you in the hands of the best endurance event coordinators in the world. Period.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds – ranging from martial arts, to obstacle courses; from the military to survivalism – our coordinators will bring you the most innovative, meaningful and deliciously challenging events this side of the border.

It is hundreds (thousands) of hours of experience – in coordination and participation – and years of knowledge that have forged your guides. You and your team are in good hands. Put your ego aside, shut up and listen: our dedicated coordinators have humble lessons to teach you.

Are you ready?

Yes, you are. No matter your fitness level, your team is there for you. Regardless of your doubts, your team is there for you. And you will be there for the team. For sure.

Your adventure begins Saturday August 24th, 2019 @ Ski St-Bruno near Montreal, Qc. Register now and evolve.

We are W.E.

It is not a coincidence that our initials are "W.E."... Now, you get it.

Together we will endure. Together we will unite. Together we will succeed.


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